The development takes place in close cooperation with private and public customers, making the systems very user friendly and flexible. Even inexperienced users can operate the systems, as well as customize them, in cooperation with HD-support, when changes in the environment require so.

We have developed several regional-, national- and international database solutions for hospitals for cancer and research. We have also developed database solutions for different types of public institutions, such as addiction centers, reception centers and shelters.

The solutions are modular and contain everything that you need in connection with documentation and registration. All our database solutions are secured with the security system WinLog. This means that all data is properly secured according to the data act. The latest version, WinLog 3.5, runs on all platforms and easily handles very large and complex databases.

The Hospital Sector

Surgical and medical departments, laboratories and research units.


Social Management Units

Rehabilitation centers for drug- and alcohol treatment and housing.

(HD-eKJ, HD-Medicin)

Health Management Units

Weight centers for children and prevention centers.


Tax Management

Control of hunting and fishing in Greenland.



Alcohol treatment centers and fish sales departments.

(LAF, WinFisk)


Psychiatric hospitals and mental health group homes.