WinMOVE is specially developed for the prevention centers. The system gives employees a great tool for planning and documenting all activities and for registering citizens appearances at events.

About product

WinMOVE has been developed in close cooperation with employees in prevention centers and has over time been adapted and expanded when the need arose due to organizational changes or new procedures. There is a strong emphasis on the ease of use, and users at all skill levels can quickly learn to use the system.

After the system starts, a very informative list of citizens is retrieved, that accurately shows the target groups that citizens belong to and with which prevention center, they are associated. Furthermore is shown the ending dates of activities that citizens participate in. Coloring the dates in red, yellow or green tells what information is lacking before the course is completed.

There can be sorted and filtered in all the information of the citizens’ list and general statistics can easily be extracted. Eg. it can be shown how many citizens were created in WinMOVE for a selected period, which gender they belong to, the period for which they have completed their activities etc.All activities are managed in a central calendar of activities in which employees from each prevention centre continuously create teams for trial lessons, physical training and nutritional counseling. Next individuals are being assigned to the teams and the employees subsequently detect whether the participants have presented themselves, canceled or failed to appear.Citizens can belong to one or more target populations, and according to the groups they belong to, they can be connected to different modules and choose to participate in trial lessons, physical training and nutritional counseling.

There can be printed appointment letters to participants, team lists and lists of chosen activities.WinMOVE is being used in all prevention centers within the Health and Care management in Copenhagen: Sundheds- og omsorgsforvaltningen i Københavns Kommune.

Activity Calendar:

  • Prevention Centers
  • Activities for trial lessons, physical training and nutritional counseling stating the date, time, organizer, place, responsible and the max numbers of seats
  • Class lists with the participants name, telephone number and status (in attendance, cancellation or absent)
  • Print of activities and team lists


  • Attendance: Social security number, name, gender, zip code, target groups, center, creation date and end dates
  • Masterdata: Cause for the request, consent, BMI, Risk factors and discharge summaries
  • Target groups: Exercise, exercise XL, conversations about health and alcohol and rehabilitation. For each group different modules can be assigned, which provide access to group counseling or individual counseling and activities
  • Activities: Trial lessons, physical training and nutritional counseling
  • Questionnaires


  • Managing employees’ rights
  • Extraction of various statistics