WinLOG is a security program that connects with databases containing private personal data, in order to be in compliance with the data act/data statutory provisions. WinLOG and attached database systems are deployed on various platforms, local networks and over the internet.

About product

In order to meet the requirements of the data statutory provisions/Data Act, it is imperative that the safety regarding the storage of – and the access to sensitive data and personally identifiable data is very high. Therefore we have developed a general security system, WinLog, ensuring that only authorized users may access the connected database solutions. All our database solutions are connected to WinLog.

WinLOG enables system administrators to easily authorize and administer users, granting them different roles and user interfaces within the connected database solutions. Likewise, it is easy for the security officers to carry out statutory safety checks.

Access control ensures that only authorized users have access to the connected database solutions according to the rights permitted to them. In order to be allowed access to a database, the users must be established in both WinLOG with username and password as well as being established with a user name in a user table of the database solution. This optimizes the security, thereby preventing unauthorized persons from gaining access to sensitive data.

WinLog is database independent and uses specialized drivers to access different database types. All actions in the connected database solutions are logged in a transaction log, thereby keeping track of everything that users have created, corrected or deleted in the sensitive personal data, in the past 6 months.

System Administrator

  • Establish users and authorize them within attached projects
  • Activate users who forgot their passwords
  • Disable resigned users
  • Change password

Security Administrator/Officer

  • Review unauthorized access attempts
  • Retrieve usage statistics
  • View and search within logdata


  • Apply connected database solutions
  • Change ones own password