WinHNPCC is a system, developed for the national HNPCC-register, for the registration of families and patients with hereditary colon cancer. Family members are registered with the purpose of investigation, prevention and outreach.

About product

Family – and patient data is entered manually by the HNPCC Registry’s genetic assistants, but data capture also takes place electronically via a web reporting module from laboratories and surgical hospitals across the country (InfoBioMed). Based on the entered and imported data, some important information about the family and each family member’s condition is calculated and displayed. Family trees are established for all families.

When all data is reported via the web module and is ready in XML format for import, the genetic assistants can validate and compare it with data from the HNPCC database and approve the final import.

From the patient inventory, it is easy and fast to find a family or a patient, as sorting and filtering can be performed on the data based on a wide variety of search criteria. A history of the last 20 families which an employee has worked on, is saved, so that employees can get quickly back to a family, for example after a telephone disconnection and a switch to another family.

You can enter records at both family and patient level, and records can be sorted and searched within by specifying the search criteria.
In the attached letter module, standard letters can be produced, sent and archived for selected families / patients. The inbound documents can be scanned and filed with added information, date and keywords.

From within the search module, the statistical personnel is able to create and save many different dynamic queries on family – and patient data. Relevant search criteria can be entered and searches can be retrieved as needed and performed again. Selected data can be exported to spreadsheets etc.

WinHNPCC is secured by WinLog, and users log onto WinHNPCC through an access via a shortcut over the Internet, which establishes a secure, encrypted tunnel to the database, no matter which branch you are in. WinHNPCC is used for the HNPCC Registry, Hvidovre Hospital. Data is entered centrally at the register, but also sent electronically from hospitals and laboratories across the country.


  • Advanced search facility
  • Information about the patient’s family
  • The patient’s master data
  • Diagnoses, pathology reports and laboratory information, mutations and variations
  • Survey data, colon-, urinary- and gynecological examinations
  • Reminders for tasks to be performed and alarm if exceeding time limits
  • Specialist tasks which the affiliated doctor needs to see, react to and report as done


  • Records at the family- and patient level


  • Letter Module, letters at family- and patient level
  • Scanning of documents
  • Archive module for sent letters and scanned documents


  • Lookup data that is coupled to the family- and patient data, and which standardizes all information
  • Standard letters and journal templates
  • Department- and employee information


  • Advanced searches can be created and reused as needed