WINDCCD is a system designed for recording data on national inflammatory bowel diseases. Danish Society for Gastroenterology and Danish Paediatric Society united in 2001 on the formation of a national Danish Crohn Colitis Database (DCCD).

About product

The purpose of the database is – by applying national data on inflammatory bowel diseases – to improve the quality of assessment and treatment of patients with crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, undetermined colitis and microscopic colitis.

The aim is also to perform a nationwide epidemiological following up on IBD patients, including incidence, prevalence, course of disease, mortality, cancer, surgery and complications, medical treatment and morbidity and to find indicators that improve the treatment effect and the prognosis of inflammatory bowel diseases, under here the testing of new therapies.

New patients are registered with the master data and their current status; active or inactive for various reasons. Diagnostic data, visit data and information about special events are recorded in very user friendly, standardized and intelligent schemes.

In a graphic image of a human body the prevalence of IBD is shown, which provides a clear overview of the patient’s condition.

Queries can be made in the patient chart on the social security number, name and patient status. All data can be exported for further presentation in other tools. The centers only have access to their own patient data.

WinDCCD is secured by WinLog, and users log on to the system through an access via a shortcut over the Internet, which establishes a secure, encrypted tunnel to the database, regardless of one’s location..

WinDCCD is used in gastroenterology centers across the country.


  • Control of the center access at the password level
  • Simple search facility in the patient list
  • Creating patient master data
  • Inclusion in the database by the registration of diagnoses
  • Registration of visitor data with clinical evaluation and patient self-assessment.
  • Registration of special events such as biological therapy, pregnancy, blood tests, surgery, cancer and death.
  • Print blank reports for manual use
  • Advanced search on data from all forms
  • Export of data for further presentation in other tools

Customer reference

Pia Munkholm

Professor, Chief Physician, Doctor MD

Gastroenterologisk afdeling Nordsjællands Hospital / Dept. of Gastroenterology North Zealand Hospital

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