HD-Medicin is a system for prescribing medicine, dispensing medication and inventory management, designed for abuse centers. HD-Medicin documents and optimizes the daily work with prescribing and dispensing medication to the clients.

About product

The system was developed in close cooperation with health professionals from addiction centers from across the country. There is a built-in control of user rights according to the users professional group. This way users have access only to the functions to which they are specifically authorized. There is a strong emphasis on the ease of use, and users at all levels can quickly learn to use the system.

HD-Medicin is available with a specially developed methadone balance, which facilitates the working routine of health professionals working in the supply of methadone. The handing out is based on the entered dose, and it is possible to dose medicine for oral intake and to go. A 5 liter canister is mounted on top of the device and the liquid is weighed on a load cell, which ensures high accuracy.

The supplied amount is documented in a weight log. HD-Medicin is secured with the safety system WinLog, and users log onto HD-Medicin through an access via a shortcut over the Internet, which establishes a secure, encrypted tunnel to the database, no matter which branch you are sitting in.

HD-Medicin is used in Funen and Jutland municipalities.

Client master data

  • Clients are registered, enrolled and discharged again after treatment
  • The client list can be sorted and queried according to many search criteria
  • Picture Identification
  • Focal points

Medication prescription

  • Medication prescriptions are created by nurses or doctors
  • PN medicine created
  • Ordinations approved by doctors
  • Discontinuations carried out by nurses and doctors
  • Cancellation of discontinuations is done by doctors and nurses
  • Internal and external appearances, supervised intake or medicine to go is administered by authorized personal
  • Direct 2 way integration to FMK

Attendance – Dispensing module

  • Preparing medicine
  • Automatic printing of medication labels with red warning triangle
  • Dosing and dispensing of methadone with an electronic methadone balance
  • Possibility of replacement of medications with generics
  • Registration of attendance time
  • Selecting the status of non attendance
  • Discontinuation of medication if clients have not presented themselves twice in a row

Methadone balance


  • Connects to PC via USB
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of stainless steel, aluminum and PVC plastics
  • Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Connection: 230V AC and USB
  • Requirements: Windows XP or newer versions
  • Dimensions: (h)29cm x (b)24 cm + (d)26cm

Appointment calendar

  • Booking of urine test, blood test, breath test, vaccinations, acupuncture, awareness scores, consultations and conversations as well as follow-up (possibly via the journal)

Agreement appearances

  • Registration of attendance time of the scheduled appointment
  • Registration of attendance data and choice of status for no-shows

Inventory management

  • Registration of purchased medicine either manually or with a hand held scanner
  • Automatic registration of consumed drugs when the client attends meetings and receives his medicine
  • Specially developed stock for Heroinprojektet – reported to the Danish Medicines Agency


  • Information about departments and employees
  • Rights management on the employees’ trade group level
  • The medicine catalog is updated automatically every weekend and used for query
  • Non-prescription drugs are maintained and used for query
  • Overview of drugs to be approved by the doctor appears


  • Medication Lists