HD-eKJ is a eletronic client journal system, designed for abuse centers and residential facilities. The system also includes a medication module and inventory - see more in HD-medicin. HD-eKJ documents and optimizes the daily work with clients for doctors and nurses and other staff working i abuse clinics and abuse facilities.

About product

The system was developed in close cooperation with educational – and healthcare professionals from addiction centers and residential facilities across the country. There is a built-in control of user rights according to the users profession, only permitting users access to functions to which they are specifically authorized. There is a strong emphasis on the ease of use, and users at all skill levels will quickly learn to use the system.

The medicine module is connected to a methadone weight, which facilitates health professionals at the supply of methadone. See detailed description under HD-Medicin.

HD-eKJ is secured by WinLog, and users log onto HD-eKJ through an access control via a shortcut over the Internet. This establishes a secure, encrypted tunnel to the database, no matter which branch you are sitting in.

HD-eKJ is used in Funen – and Jutland municipalities as well as in Greenland’s Autonomy.

Client Master Data

  • Clients are registered, enrolled and discharged after treatment
  • Connecting to CPR-direkte, changes loaded every night
  • Search inquiries and sorting can be performed on the client list using many search criteria
  • Picture Identification
  • Initial Conversation
  • Statements of consent are created with mention of the collaborators
  • Visitation schedule
  • The client can be divided into modules (to be used for re-invoicing)
  • Focal points
  • Visitation Minutes, generated automatically based on schedule data – conclusion is entered
  • Treatment log containing objectives, methodology and status
  • Action plans
  • Her GP
  • External contacts are created
  • Alarms

Schedule Data

  • ASI and Follow Up schedules Composite Scores, HepC, IHM, NAB and SMDB

Client journal

  • Employees write their own journal draft, possibly based on a template
  • The journal is transferred to the final Journal sheet containing category, keywords, date and time
  • Journal sheets are also created by information automatically transferred from the other modules
  • Inquiries can be made in the record using the search terms date, category and keywords
  • A new appointment can be booked via the Journal
  • Current project: Speech Recognition


  • Letters are created based on templates and merged with address data on the client, partners or external contacts
  • Letters are transferred to the department’s administrative outbox for further processing
  • Sent letters are transferred to the client file in PDF format with description and keywords


  • Documents are scanned in PDF format and linked to the client
  • Description and keywords are attached and everything is transferred to the client’s file


  • Search inquiries can be made in the client’s file or in the department’s archive across all clients
  • A filed letter or – document can be displayed and printed

Medicine Module


  • Information about departments and employees
  • Rights management according to the employees’ professional category
  • Rights management for the administration
  • Addresses of partners maintained
  • Templates for letters, records and reports created
  • The Medicine Catalog is updated automatically every weekend and used for querying
  • Non-prescription drugs catalog maintained and used for query
  • An overview of drugs to be approved by the doctor is displayed


  • Each employee can create drafts in different categories based on templates
  • Employees minute drafts are collected, edited and approved
  • The approved minute is transferred to the final version and locked from changes
  • Marked selected block of text can be transferred to the selected client’s record

Shared Diary

  • Each employee can write his own draft
  • The ready draft is transferred to the joint diary, after which it is opened for all employees
  • Block selected text can be transferred to the selected client’s record


  • Notifications, check lists, payment lists and medication lists



Customer reference

Inge Birkemose

Consultant / Chief Physician

Behandlingscenter Odense Odense Kommune

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