HD-BVC is a system specially designed for children's weight centers. The system gives employees a great working tool to document and optimize the daily work with the children and to make deals and extract statistics.

About product

HD-BVC was developed in close cooperation with the employees of a children’s weight center and is being used by all working groups to manage calendar appointments and appearances, as well as for the registration of medical records and health information. There is a strong emphasis on ease of use, and users at all levels will quickly learn to use the system. It is easy and fast to find a child within the children’s list, since the data can be sorted and filtered according to many search criteria.

The Appointment List displays all the agreements set up for the children, both historical and future ones, and the agreements can be marked as attendance, cancellation or absence. Sorting and filtering can be performed on any information in the list. Detailed action plans are prepared for each child including the setting up of goals, homework assignment for the family, homework assignment for the team and the status of the process.

When kids appear, some health information is recorded so that you can follow the development of the children’s weight loss and general health. Likewise, a great deal of questionnaires is completed, with the aim to be able to extract statistical information. Based on this, better future evaluations and improvements can be made.

BVC is used in Børnevægtcentret (Children Weight Centre) of the Health- and Care management in Copenhagen.

Children’s module:

  • Children’s list with sorting and filtering
  • Appointment List with sorting and filtering
  • Master data and information about the person who referred, nurse, doctor, parents, siblings and school
  • Health information with measurements, blood tests and medicines
  • Action plans with goals, homework assignment for family and team as well as the status of the process
  • Records divided by category according to professions
  • Questionnaries grouped on health, diet and exercise, as well as family- and group conversations
  • Consent Statements indicating consent partners, doctor, social services department, etc.
  • Calendar appointments with date and time and whether it is a meeting or an activity
  • Documents, letters with merge codes


Miscellaneous module:

  • Appointment type, appointment dates and the specific agreements that children’s agreements are linked to
  • Templates, journal-, letter-, action plan- and consent templates
  • Extracting of today’s agreements
  • Miscellaneous look-up information as well as center data, journal categories etc.
  • Extracting statistics, BVC statistics, SIF statistics and health statistics