We can say much good about ourselves. But it makes much more sense if we give the floor to our customers. For ultimately they are the ones who can best review the cooperation with HD-support. Below are a number of references from some of our good customers. Do you need to know about other industries or products, please contact us and we will provide you with a testimonial that fits your request.


HD-eKJ is a records system, designed for abuse centers and residential facilities. The system also includes a medication module and inventory - see more in HD-medicin. HD-eKJ documents and optimizes the daily work with clients.

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“Our cooperation with HD-support is characterized by great kindness and a constant curiosity to make the program even better – and they don’t stop until the task is complete. We use HD-eKJ, so it is very important that all our employees can get the necessary support, exactly when they need it. And even if it is beyond our normal support agreement, they are always ready to help. They are very quick at giving feedback, and when things get tough, they are always there, and we are never let down!

I also want to highlight their abilities to deliver online solutions with a very high level of security and to get the IT systems to communicate – and exchange data with each other.

We are very pleased with the cooperation, which since 2003 has been a good, organic development, where we have created solutions that today are essential in our daily work! “

Inge Birkemose

Consultant / Chief Physician

Behandlingscenter Odense Odense Kommune


WINDCCD is a system designed for recording data on national inflammatory bowel diseases. Danish Society for Gastroenterology and Danish Paediatric Society united in 2001 on the formation of a national Danish Crohn Colitis Database (DCCD).

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“It’s a fantastic journey we’ve been on together. And it’s not even over yet.
Way back since 1999, we have with great success developed a program for the registration and protection of data related to epidemiology in DCCD. Today this program is used in several languages in 32 centers across Europe and more are on their way, including Australia, EpiCom.
My research team DEEP and I design the content ourselves, HD-Support performs the task, and together we further develop it, hand-in-hand.
Today we have an excellent product, that many are doing PHD dissertations about and write doctorates in – and which other countries are trying to copy.

The daily cooperation with HD-support is very unique, and I’m happy that I can work with a small business in Faaborg, where there is plenty of calm and energy, and where one can count on all employees – even outside opening hours. Together we have created a product that we can be really proud of

– with 7/24 hour around the clock activity and it’s even cheap to run! “

Pia Munkholm

Professor, Chief Physician, Doctor MD

Gastroenterologisk afdeling Nordsjællands Hospital / Dept. of Gastroenterology North Zealand Hospital


WinLAB is a laboratory system used for detecting mutations and polymorphisms, found through the genetic analysis of different genes in samples, taken from patients with a genetic predisposition within different disease categories.

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“I feel extremely lucky. It is very easy to be a customer of HD-support, and we always speak the same language. They never are intimidated, and I get things exactly the way I want …

We use the patient registration system WinLab that we deployed in July 2009 after about a year of implementation. Along with HD-Support we have further developed the program, which now also is used on both the National Hospital and Aalborg University Hospital. It is the backbone of our entire registration work in the laboratory department and is expected to be integrated with the electronic patient record (ePJ) in 2017, so it comes through many corners.

For me the main points of an ideal cooperation is an honest and constructive dialogue with a direct communication – and that is exactly what HD-support stands for! “

Friedrik Wikman

Chemist, lic.scient.

Department of Molecular Medicine Aarhus University Hospital / Molekylær Medicinsk Afdeling Aarhus Universitetshospital


HD-eKJ is a records system, designed for abuse centers and residential facilities. The system also includes a medication module and inventory - see more in HD-medicin. HD-eKJ documents and optimizes the daily work with clients.

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“Cooperating with HD-support just works really well. They are fast, flexible and very easy to get in touch with if a problem occurs. And it’s very important for us as we are to serve our citizens with medication during the hours 8-18 – even on weekends. The Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) is very demanding about the reporting, but they are also excited about the electronic client record (HD-eKJ), which is significantly simpler and significantly safer to work with than on paper as used  elsewhere in the country. The documentation is much easier with this electronic inventory management, which fortunately also has increased the job satisfaction for our 90 employees. We have been working with HD-support for 5 years and can only give them full marks!”

Anette Nancke

Head of Department

Behandlingscenter Odense